Tales of the Rays (テイルズ オブ ザ レイズ Teiruzu obu za Reizu?) is an upcoming smartphone app and Mobile Title in the Tales of series. It features a completely new and original story which is lead by veteran scenario writer Takumi Yajima who also wrote scenario scripts for Tales of Symphonia and Tales of the Abyss. The game had initially been scheduled for a release date in 2016. The game released on March 1, 2017 for Japan. The official website mentions that the genre of the game is RPG. The characteristic genre of the game is Shinjitsu no tsuyosa wo tsuiu RPG (真実の強さを追うRPG?, lit. "To follow the Strength of the Truth RPG").

The opening theme song of the game is "New Wall / I want u to love me" by Alexandros.


The world of Tir Na Nog was brought to prosperity by Chiral Molecules which produce infinite energy. When the shadow of destruction crawls into a world filled with light, start to manipulate the power of the magic mirror in Ickx Neve, the Mirror Knight's journey. Its prosperity was the cause of its own destruction. The people of the world were struggling with the development of Magical Military Weapons that transformed infinite energy into power, and their use was called the "Mirror", being used for battle . And after many years of research, further creations of technologically upgraded Magical weapons was born into the world . The weapon that destroys substances and animals that are the backbone of life and turns objects into sand that shines will rage in the world war.

However, its price is large, and the abuse of advance mirror kaleidoscope has led to a situation that makes it easy to separate the animals of the whole world . This further results in many forests, the earth, and the people who lived there to also become sand and disappear. At that time, there was a Master who tried to protect the world. That one called "the mirror-man", who was one of the developers of the weapons, people hated him who gave birth to magic mirror weapon of kaleidoscope, and carried out the "Aegis Plan" to save the world in dying. Now, Tir Na Nogue regained a calm landscape. The young man, Ickx Neve, who lives in the small island of Odense has lived a peaceful life with his childhood friend Mileena Weiss and island friends. However, one day, a meteor shower falls from the sky, and the hometown disappears with each island. Ickx and Mileena that survived by chance are helped by warriors who claim the Salvation Army. Those who arrived at the bamboo capital city, they knew that the world was at risk of extinction. A story of people who lost their hometown coming into contact with other-worldly humans and trying to save the world. 


List of characters in Tales of the Rays

This is a list of the main characters featured in Tales of the Rays.

Name Description
Ickx Portrait
Ickx Neve
Ikusu Neebue
[ VA ] Natsuki Hanae
[ Quote ]
Suddenly telling me I'm a Mirror Knight... I don't understand!
Asking me to save the world? That's something beyond even my wildest imaginations!
[ Profile ]
Ickx is a 17-year-old man and the protagonist of the story.
His class is that of a "Mirror Knight", and he is able to manipulate magic by using mirrors in battle.
Mileena Portrait
Mileena Weiss
Miriina Buaisu
[ VA ] Haruka Terui
[ Quote ]
Whatever you need to know about being a Mirror Knight, you can ask me!
I'm still your senior at this, even by a little bit!
[ Profile ]
Mileena is an 18-year-old woman and the heroine of the game. She is a young adult of a sophisticated background. Mileena encounters Ickx as she journeys on his quest.
Mark Portrait
Mark Grump
Māku Guranpu
[ VA ] Hiroaki Miura
[ Quote ]
You and I are enemies.
It's always been like that, right?
[ Profile ]
Mark is a resourceful warrior who is after Ickx's life. Using a special weapon that is a mix of a gun and a great sword, Mark shows mastery in both long distance and melee fighting, further exhibiting his lengthy experience in the battlefield.[1]
Gefion Portrait
[ VA ] Yuriko Yamaguchi
[ Quote ]
──Now, let us begin. The energy that will heal the Aigis, the Anima, and the incarnation of a new world![1]
[ Profile ]
The mysterious Prime Minister of Serund that always wears a hood and a mask. To rescue the world of Tir Na Nog from its impending doom, she is trying to quickly repair the Mirror Shield, Aigis. There is, however, opposition against her that believes she is a spy from the enemy nation of Bifrest.[1]
Garows Portrait
Garows Outsorrow
Garouzu Autosorou
[ VA ] Eiji Hanawa
[ Quote ]
I'm Garows, the mechanical engineer taking care of the airship Caduceus.[1]
[ Profile ]
Garows is the mechanical engineer in charge of maintaining the Caduceus, the fastest airship in Serund. His skills are certain and he stands second to none in his work. He supports Ickx and Mileena's travels, sometimes giving them advice as an adult.[1]
Karya Portrait
[ VA ] Shino Shimoji
[ Quote ]
Nice to meet you, Lord Ickx! I'm Lady Mileena's Mirror spirit, Karya![1]
[ Profile ]
Karya is a Mirror spirit that is the embodiment of Mileena's powers. She provides information and support during Ickx and Mileena's journey. She is able to access other worlds deep within her mind, causing her to sometimes have varying expressions and personalities. She holds loyalty for both Mileena, her master, and Ickx as well.[1]


Mileena SS

The game features a mechanic called ADF-LMBS (Advanced Flick Linear Motion Battle System) (アドバンストフリック・リニアモーションバトルシステム ADFS-LMBS?), a new Linear Motion Battle System used in the game which optimizes the interface for smartphones and can perform all operations with one hand. This is based on CC (Chain Capacity), it is said to be able to incorporate the original deathblow technique called Magic mirror technique into cooperation with attacks, techniques and techniques. These feature allows users to flick the smart screen to enact attacks and artes to use. Changing directions of the flicks will allow a variation in combos. All character use artes known as Magic Mirror Artes.


The game features scenes and quests to watch, along with a 3D world map, dungeons and treasures to find. In addition, the game will have a bit of original music from Motoi Sakuraba and Go Shiina, as well as some old Tales tracks making comebacks. The game has had pre-registration for both the iOS and Android apps in Japan. Once signups reached 50,000, pre-registrants would receive Tales of Graces f future arc costume for Sophie. Once 100,000 signups are reached, all pre-registrants would receive 20 Dia (in-app currency). Further bonuses were made available for fans who registered as first day users.

【Recommended model】 iPhone 5S or later 【 Recommended OS version】iOS 8.0 or more 【Disclaimer 】 (1) For operation outside the recommended model and recommended OS version, It will be out of scope. (2) Depending on the usage situation of the customer, the operation may be unstable even with the recommended model.


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