Kanonushi / Innominat
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Game Tales of Berseria
Race Empyrean
Gender Male
Age 3 (Chronological)

14 (Body Chronology)

Height 141cm
Weapon Papers
Character Designer Daigo Okumura
JP Voice Actor(s) Rie Kugiyama
EN Voice Actor(s) Abby Trott

Kanonushi (カノヌシ Kanonushi?), also known as Innominat, is a major antagonist in Tales of Berseria. He is one of the five Empyreans, is an extremely powerful Malak that Artorius Collbrande and the Exorcists summoned to purge all human emotion in order to cleanse the world of Daemonblight. He takes on the form of Velvet's sacrificed and deceased brother and serves as the secondary antagonist of the game. He is mentioned in Tales of Zestiria.






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