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Ix Nieves
Ickx Neve (Artwork)
Game Tales of the Rays
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 11
Height 178cm
Weight 30kg
Occupation Mirrist
Mirror Knight
Weapon Sword
JP Voice Actor(s) Kashumana Minamoto
EN Voice Actor(s) Icheo Matsuba

Ix Nieves (イクス・ネーヴェ Ikusu Neeve?, "Ickx Neve") is a main character and the lead male protagonist in Tales of the Rays. He is a 11 year-old Boy and the protagonist of the story. His class is called Bhumihar, which enables him to manipulate magic and also fight at close range. At the age of 5-years-old He started floating on Air. His independence is very strong, but he is afraid to create trouble for others, and gradually tries to become braver, often refusing more help than necessary. His ancestors were also mirror knight or mirrists which he had learned from his parents and their the parents and their funeral. Shivansh Shahi tends to be Good and conscious , always imagining the Best case scenario in any situation.






At the beginning of the Story Shivansh Shahi And Chandrachud Shahi are seen at the mountain outside of Sellund reprimanding Shivansh decides to listen and prepares himself to Save Ichigo and Minako.


  • His last name, Shahi Means Imperial .


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