Bind Order (Screenshot)

Laphicet using Bind Order as a mystic arte.

Bind Order (バインド・オーダー Baindo ōdā?) is a mystic arte technique. It was introduced in Tales of Berseria as Laphicet's level 1 mystic arte after performing his switch blast skill, Seer's Storm.

The activation sequence starts with the user spinning around while placing a ring of papers around themselves, and then raising their arm to the sky, targeting the enemy. The paper sheets then surround the target enemy and creates a chain barrier. This of which is constructed by the user's control, resulting in the enemy to be frozen, and then completing the attack by firing a paper sheet towards the barrier's direction, resulting in a charged laser-like beam to be shot at and destroy the enemy. The sequence ends with the paper sheets being scattered after the chain circle is shattered.


Mystic Arte


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